Vuleka Assisted Learning Primary School

Based in Corner of Grove Street & Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg

Adapted CAPS curriculum for Special Learning Needs

Founded in 2002, Vuleka’s Assisted Learning School is committed to meeting each student at their academic level and making informed decisions about their future learning paths. Our educational programs focus on practical literacy, numeracy, and life skills, providing a well-rounded learning experience. We provide an intensive remediation programme in English and Maths, as well as assistance for children who are overage for their grade or have learning difficulties.

Individualised Learning Support

At the Vuleka Assisted Learning School, classes are small, aiming to accommodate and support the learning needs of various learners, including those who struggle with the academic demands and pace of mainstream education, learners facing barriers to learning, and learners acquiring English as a language of learning.

Each child receives individual attention, and progress is monitored closely. Based on the learner’s profile, selected learners undergo psycho-educational assessments to determine their progress and readiness for placement back into mainstream education. In ISLC 3, learners are assisted in applying for placement at vocational high schools, where the approach combines academics and skills training.

Empowering Children with Diverse Skills and Support for Academic Success

We provide a variety of creative and practical skills, such as music, art, and home economics, for children whose overall performance and cognitive ability is below average. Additionally, we create a safe environment where vulnerable children receive counseling to boost their emotional and social well-being. If needed, we bridge their academic gaps to potentially reintegrate them into mainstream education.

Nurturing Success and Inclusion

We aim to encapsulate every child’s strengths and promote them while developing coping strategies to overcome areas of weaknesses. Our goal is to bridge the identified gaps in social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic needs necessary to develop the child as a whole. We strive to foster their self-esteem to help them achieve their full potential. By imparting our values of being safe, respectful, and responsible, we nurture our children to become contributing and accepted members of society.

Guiding Principles for a Thriving School and Home Community

Vuleka embraces five all-encompassing values that we expect every pupil, teacher, staff member, and parent to uphold. These values, which form the cornerstone of our school’s culture

They serve as guiding principles, shaping our behavior and fostering a positive and nurturing environment for all members of our school community.

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