About Vuleka Schools

Non-profit education in Johannesburg offering a leading private school network with high-quality education at competitive fees.

Vuleka's Mission

At Vuleka, our mission is to provide an excellent and affordable education within the Anglican Diocesan tradition, nurturing a thinking school that instills Christian values, cultivates leadership, and empowers resilient lifelong learners in a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering academic excellence and positive impact.

Vuleka's Vision

At Vuleka, our vision is to create a safe, inspiring learning environment that develops well-rounded individuals, embodies Christian values, and promotes academic excellence. We nurture a community that values hard work, learning skills, and leadership qualities, fostering resilience and adaptability in our graduates. Together with parents, we reinforce shared values and provide a diverse, inclusive education that inspires every student to excel.

The following results are from our 2022 Vuleka Annual Surveys

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Vuleka Pillars

Pupil Enrichment

Vuleka provides a holistic education, fostering 21st-century skills and student well-being through enhanced curriculum, technology integration, collaboration, cultural events, and support for at-risk students, ensuring a 100% Matric Pass Rate.

Empowered Staff

Vuleka creates a nurturing environment, prioritising staff retention, career growth, and development. They establish effective leadership pipelines, emphasising service, training, opportunities, and financial wellness to cultivate a vibrant staff culture.

Parent Partnership

Vuleka nurtures parent engagement as educational partners through various activities, including meetings, workshops, orientation, and church connections. They foster a growing partnership through innovative problem-solving, marketing, fundraising, volunteering, and offering incentives for early payment and recruitment.

Financial Sustainability and Capacity Building

Vuleka focuses on increasing pupil capacity, expanding schools, updating financial systems, and engaging a wider community. They strive to grow their donor base, prepare for reduced state subsidies, and enhance their environmental footprint.

Vuleka's History

In response to the crisis of discrimination in the provision of quality education to disadvantaged pupils during the apartheid years, Mrs Susan Germond, wife of the then rector of St. Martin’s, and the late Mrs Joy Chilvers, a fellow teacher, established a church-based educational project called “Vuleka” in 1989. Vuleka aimed to address the challenges faced by previously disadvantaged children in accessing quality education, particularly when English was not their mother tongue. Starting with 59 children in 4 classes, Vuleka gradually grew into a respected Primary Schools offering education from Grade 0 to Grade 7. 

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