Since its inception in 1989, Vuleka has educated thousands of children. We currently have two early learning centers, a boys primary school, three co-ed primary schools, a high school and an assisted learning centre. Over the years, many Vuleka children have won scholarships to top independent schools, and now we are able to place them in our own high school. Our past pupils have gained entry to universities and have found employment and are contributing citizens. Vuleka alumni have entrusted us with their own children, giving them the same opportunity, one that many South African children do not get. At Vuleka we believe that through good quality education, any child can excel regardless of their circumstances or the demographic and socio-economic class from which they come.

Vuleka pupils write the Annual National Assessment (ANA) exams, the national Conquesta exams, the IEB Core Skills tests and the ISASA Benchmarking tests, Advanced Program Maths in the high school. Their performance in all these is in line with their peers in good independent schools.

In order for us to continue giving a child or a group of children an opportunity to benefit from an excellent and holistic education to address the challenges facing South Africa today we need your help. You can donate as little as R400 per month to help us change the lives of our children, one child at a time.