Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Vuleka is an Anglican Diocesan school which provides an excellent and affordable education.

Vision Statement

  • To provide a thinking school that is safe, challenging, creative and inspiring for academic growth and positive learning. 
  • Develop in our pupil’s Christian values that encourage a life of service and positive choices.
  • Shape our pupils to master a good work ethic, gain learning skills, and achieve the steps to becoming great leaders. 
  • To produce resilient, life-long learners who can take their place in the world with confidence and dignity.
  • Build the courage to make life-changing decisions to be respectful, to be honest, to be compassionate, to make responsible choices and to act with integrity.
  • Encourage an active and supportive parent body who embrace school-wide values at home.
  • Offer a diverse and inclusive environment that inspires and motivates all to strive for academic excellence.