In response to the crisis in black education during the apartheid years, in 1989 Mrs Susan Germond, wife of the then rector of St. Martin’s, and the late Mrs Joy Chilvers, a fellow teacher, founded a new church based educational project named:

“Vuleka” – ‘to open up, to enlighten’.

Many township schools for the most part were under-resourced and dysfunctional. The only ‘open’ schools during this time were independent schools, yet their doors often remained closed to the child with few English skills.

Vuleka began as a project 31 years ago and was designed to put previously disadvantaged children into a more efficient branch of the education system. It was designed to overcome the difficulties children face when the medium of instruction is not the mother tongue. In 1989 Vuleka opened the door to 59 children in 4 classes. At the end of that year, 21 children were placed in independent schools.

From this time Vuleka continued to grow from strength to strength into an organised and highly regarded Primary School ranging from Pre-Primary to Grade 7. In 2013, Vuleka integrated with SSB High school, so today we offer a strong educational foundation in a secure and supportive environment from pre-primary all the way through to Matric.

We achieve high standards through visionary leadership, trained and dedicated staff and teachers who love to teach. Vuleka works in partnership with many churches, parents/care-givers, donors big and small, other independent schools, various non-profit or non-government organisations – in order to keep the Vuleka mission alive;

‘to provide an excellent, holistic and affordable education…’

Vuleka Heads

Vuleka Heads ~ past and present: Melanie Sharland, Susan Germond and Carrie Mercado.

In 2021...

  • Vuleka is an independent, non-profit school, whose main aim is to provide an excellent education at an affordable fee.
  • Vuleka now educates over 1000 children, offering affordable education of a high standard from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

Vuleka provides…

  • A holistic curriculum which allows each pupil to develop their academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual well being, setting them up for a much brighter future.
  • Suitably qualified teachers who nurture the growth and development of every child.
  • Specialist teaching and learning for Grades 4-7 to develop a solid understanding of each subject, especially in Maths, English and Science.
  • Educational programmes that support learning through The Arts, such as Music, Visual Arts, Dance & Drama. These programmes are also vital to allow less academic students to shine in these areas of the curriculum.

Support is given to...

  • Every pupil as school fees are subsidised by fundraising R 6000 per child to keep fees affordable.
  • Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC), with funding sourced for their tuition from various trusts and individual sponsors.
  • Pupils who need educational assessments and therapy.
  • Candidates of the Student-Teacher Trainee Programme.  Vuleka funds people to train as teachers through Unisa, offering them employment as classroom assistants and provides a mentorship programme.
  • Parent through the Parent to Partner Programme, in order to strengthen the family unit and school-home relationship for our pupils’ benefit.

Vuleka pupils…

  • Write the National Conquesta exams, Independent Examination Boards & ISASA Benchmark exams in order to ensure that our standard compares with the top independent schools and curriculum.
  • Have won over 100 full scholarships to top independent schools over the past ten years.

Vuleka assists with other needs…

  • Grade 7 pupils are given assistance in finding a suitable high school to cater for their needs.
  • A social worker is employed to counsel those who experience trauma, abuse, bereavement and loss.
  • A feeding programme gives e-pap daily to over 350 pupils to help their classroom performance.

Vuleka is governed by an independently elected council – made up of parents and representatives from the churches who host Vuleka. Vuleka is a voluntary organisation with its own constitution.