Vuleka is a school initiated in 1989 by Parishes within the Diocese of Johannesburg of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa in response to the growing crisis in education and the inability of parents to obtain adequate education for their children. In order to deal with these problems the main objects and aims for which Vuleka is established are:

  1. To establish and maintain an educational programme to enrich the capabilities of socially, economically and/or politically disadvantaged children within the primary phase of schooling.
  2. To equip such children to participate fully in a society where each has an equal opportunity: socially, economically and politically.
  3. To use language-intensive education in developing the capabilities of such children.
  4. To develop language and perceptual skills of such children while nurturing initiative and self-confidence.
  5. To be a community-orientated school which seeks to use and involve members of the community in all aspects of its educational process.
  6. To promote educational opportunities for such children in both the private and the public sectors of education.
  7. To promote actively full participation in an education system which provides equal opportunity for all.
  8. To assist pupils in Vuleka to obtain entry into school on successful completion of their curricula.

The Reality of Vuleka

  • Vuleka has a vision of excellence.
  • Vuleka has a high teaching standard.
  • The Vuleka Schools Group comprises of Preschools (Grade 00 to Grade 0), Primary Schools (Grade 0 to Grade 7) and a High School (Grade 8 to Matric). We also have an Assisted Learning Centre for pupils with special educational needs.
  • Vuleka is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education.
  • Vuleka belongs to the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).
  • Vuleka is an independent school where you must pay fees.
  • Vuleka is a non-profit making school.

Vuleka means to “enlighten” and to “open up”, and children at Vuleka are given the skills they need to reach their potential.

Vuleka is a Church School of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. Pupils at Vuleka School must attend all assemblies and church services, wherever they may be held. No pupils will be compelled to take part in practices not appropriate to their own beliefs, but pupils must attend all these events and behave in a respectful and reverent manner.

Vuleka classes are moderately sized (24 – 28 pupils), and children receive individual attention. Vuleka gives an intensive programme in English and Maths, and also helps children who are over-aged and those with learning difficulties.

Vuleka Class Structure: Primary Schools

Grade 0: Our Grade 0 programme is more formal than the Grade 00 and 0 classes. The children follow a full perceptual programme that includes fine and gross motor skills development. We also introduce all our children to reading and writing during this year.

Grade 1 – 7: Vuleka follows the GDE and Independent Schools curriculum. We focus on literacy, numeracy and life skills, and we offer our pupils a stimulating and exciting syllabus. We like our pupils to leave Vuleka feeling confident and smart.

Special and Vocational Classes: Vuleka offers children with learning difficulties a space in the Junior Supported Learning 1 and 2 classes, and Intermediate Supported Learning 1 and 2 classes.

The Junior Classes focus on Maths, English and Life Skills. The classes are small and each child is taught according to his or her level of understanding.

The Intermediate Class 1 continues with the programme at a slightly more advanced level.

The Intermediate Class 2 offers the pupils an individual education programme. They also do more practical subjects like cooking, sewing and computer literacy.