Early Learning Centres

Vuleka manages two Early Learning Centres based around Johannesburg.  Pre-Primary education is offered to children from the age of 4, from Grades 00-0.  Our teachers are dedicated and highly qualified, with specialist training and experience in Early Childhood.  Aftercare is available.

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 Early Learning Centre Headmistress: Claire Shepherd

St John's

St John’s

Corner of Benmore & Pam Roads, Benmore
Tel: 011 883 6793
Fax: 011 783 1039

Vuleka St John’s is situated in the heart of Benmore and Sandton and has a great relationship with the church and neighbouring schools in the area.  The children are often privileged to be invited to share school experiences with these schools.

The children participate in swimming lessons kindly held at the Discovery Fun Factory.

On Saturdays, St John’s Church offers the Vuleka St John’s children extra lessons in English.

Grade 00:  Judith Mfikwe
Grade 0:  Dudu Buthelezi (Venue Head)
Teacher Assistant:  Rejoyce Sangweni


St Francis

St Francis

44 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview
Tel: 011 486 1367
Fax: 011 646 6941

Vuleka St Francis is in a prime location in Parkview, central to the Zoo Lake park and the Johannesburg Zoo, offering a wealth of real-life experiences for the children. Children from surrounding schools often visit the children to read stories and play sports with them, building a sense of community and spirit.

The venue takes pride in its theme based units of work that provide children with a platform to discover and explore the world around them.

Headmistress: Claire Shepherd

Grade 00:  Matlakala Mokgathlane
Grade 0: Claire Shepherd
Teacher Assistant:  Thabisile Buthelezi

Intern: Caroline Modau


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