Creative Giving

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CSI ~ Invest in education                    GIVE YOUR TIME or EXPERTISE

Business that empowers                                                                     Volunteer

  Loveburd Design created our fresh branding design for                          Jesse Sharland reads a story to a group of pre-primary

Vuleka’s logo, letterhead and business cards.                                                    pupils at an Early Learning Centre.

 Invest in a child’s future?                                                                Do you have a spare hour?

Email or phone 011 477 6917                                          Give us a call 011 477 6917



Mention Vuleka in your will – you can’t take it with you, but you can ensure that your money will be used for good, and to help our country’s most precious resource – our children. Vuleka can also be a beneficiary in lieu of flowers after the death of a loved one, or instead of sending flowers.

For all enquiries regarding Creative Giving ~ contact the Fundraising Team

Ph: 011 477 6917 or Email: