Education at Vuleka

Vuleka School began in 1989 as an Anglican educational project working out of schools on church premises, starting with 59 children from disadvantaged communities.

In 2014…

  • Vuleka is an independent, non-profit school, whose main aim is to provide an excellent education at an affordable fee.
  • Vuleka now educates over 1000 children, offering affordable education of a high standard from Grade 00 to Grade 12.

Vuleka provides…

  • A holistic curriculum which allows each pupil to develop their academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual well being, setting them up for a much brighter future.
  • Suitably qualified teachers who nurture the growth and development of every child.
  • Specialist teaching and learning for Grades 4-7 to develop a solid understanding of each subject, especially in Maths, English and Science.
  • Educational programmes that support learning through The Arts, such as Music, Visual Arts, Dance & Drama.  These programmes are also vital to allow less academic students to shine in these areas of the curriculum.

Support in given to…

  • Every pupil as school fees are subsidised by fundraising R 3600 per child to keep fees affordable.
  • Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC), with funding sourced for their tuition from various trusts and individual sponsors.
  • Pupils who need educational assessments and therapy.
  • Candidates of the Student-Teacher Trainee Programme.  Vuleka funds people to train as teachers through Unisa, offering them employment as classroom assistants and provides a mentorship programme.
  • Parent through the Parent to Partner Programme, in order to strengthen the family unit and school-home relationship for our pupils’ benefit.

Vuleka pupils…

  • Write the National Conquesta exams, Independent Examination Boards & ISASA Benchmark exams in order to ensure that our standard compares with the top independent schools and curriculum.
  • Have won over 100 full scholarships to top independent schools over the past ten years.

Vuleka assists with other needs…

  • Grade 7 pupils are given assistance in finding a suitable high school to cater for their needs.
  • A social worker is employed to counsel those who experience trauma, abuse, bereavement and loss.
  • A feeding programme gives e-pap daily to over 350 pupils to help their classroom performance.


Vuleka is governed  by an independently elected council – made up of parents and representatives from the churches who host Vuleka.  Vuleka is a voluntary organisation with its own constitution.